Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some New Gold Stitches

Moving ahead on Tricia Nguyen's gold masterclass, I've been working on learning some new (new to me, that is) goldwork stitches.  Here is my sampler to this point with the several little new spots of gold, followed by a close up of the my doodle cloth.

From top to bottom, the new stitches are detached buttonhole, chain stitch with buttonhole edging (first try and second try), and guilloche stitch. 

The DBH isn't a new stitch for me, but working it in gold was. . . and I must say, IMHO this is not the very best use for the gold.  To me, it just looks rather messy. . .but then again, maybe in the right application it might be super effective.  On the sampler, gold DBH is done in a small spot sample and then in little triangular patches in a geometric medallion.   As shown in the photo, it doesn't really pop in good overall light. . .but does look much more impressive at night under less even light.  This was a really interesting point Tricia made during the creation of the Plimoth jacket.  The garments were made to be worn in the evening by candle light, and the gold work does look most impressive under that kind of flickering light.

The second stitch is a composite created with a base of chain stitch. . . with buttonhole worked along either side.  I really liked this stitch -- once I worked the kinks out.  I think it would make a really nice wide line. . . possibly an alternate to plaited braid.

The final stitch of this group was guilloche.  I LOVED the concept of this stitch but was frustrated by my inability to keep it quite as even and pretty as it seemed to be in the stitch diagrams.  Maybe I'm too close to it right now, and it will look much better to me after a week or two.  Here are photos of the stitch in the heavier gold and as the veins of leaves made with the thinner silver thread.


So Months 1 through 5 complete. . . Months 6 through 15, here I come.