Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Whole Days to Spare!

It's been hard to decide exactly where to start stitching in 2012.  No shortage of projects, of course, but getting settled on one. . .or two. . .or three has been hard.  Add to the general malaise, I've been planning to stitch something to commemorate the marriage of the son of a dear friend.   And unlike so many stitchers who seem to just pulse with creativity, I always freeze when I need to design something.

But I'm happy to report that I've managed to rise to the occasion. . . and now have, framed and ready to wrap, a finished piece. . . a whole TWO days before the date of my friend's in-town celebration party for the newley weds. 

And here it is. . . . .

It's a little easier to see the stitching in this photo, taken before mounting and framing:

I think it turned out well. . . and I hope the bride and groom like it. 

A lot of the credit (actually most of it) goes to to Thea at The Victoria Sampler who really designed the piece.  Here's the photo of the original. . . which I adapted by making the original square into a rectangle, and replacing the bee and flowers with the personalized lettering.  The bride's colors were burgundy and gold. . . so I did the lettering and beading in burgundy, and the piece is laced onto a backing covered with gold tissue lame, so the gold peeks through and shines in the light.

Thanks Thea!  Couldn't have done it without you.