Friday, May 21, 2010

The Mermaid's Grotto - My current "big project"

My current big stitching project (really one of several) is the Mermaid's Grotto by Tricia Wilson Nguyen.  This was a class taught at Williamsburg in February of this year.  It is inspired by the grottos on 17th century stumpwork, and very faithfully reproduces many of the techniques and materials that were used in the period pieces.  So there are LOTS of unusual materials, and each stitcher is creating many of her own composite threads. 

It's an exciting and challenging piece, and requires lots of decision-making.  That always slows me down.  Last year I committed to a big and challenging piece and actually managed to finish it!  So I'm hoping I can repeat a "big project" finish again this year.

Here's a picture of my progress for 3 days of class plus 3+ months since then.

. . . .not terrible. . . but at this rate. . . well. . . this could take a while.  So, this week's goal, complete at least two additional rocks in the grotto. 

I'm also spurred on by the knowedge that some people in the class have actually finished!  To see the completed piece, check out Margaret's beautiful mermaid at her blog, Life, needlework and everything.  Wish me luck.


  1. wow, this is going to be amazing! Lovely colours and mind-boggling textures...

  2. I will love following your progress and vicariously stitching with you -- blogging is a fun way to keep in touch