Monday, August 8, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Not a whole lot of stitching to show lately. . . because we've been ON VACATION, scuba diving in beautiful beautiful St. Lucia.  And although I did bring stitching with me, it just doesn't go well with 90+ degree temps and multi-layers of sun screen.

Right now I also don't have photos of all the really cool stuff we saw diving (DH and I didn't take photos, but others in our group did. . .so I may have some photos eventually).  But I do have photos of the lovely place we stayed.  The resort is called Anse Chastenet, and it's by far the best resort I've stayed at diving. 

Not too terribly long ago, scuba diving was a manly manly sport, so originally diving facilities were more geared to the macho adventure crowd.  Happily that is changing, no where more so than here.

The resort is scattered along a mountain side:

With rooms open on all sides (can you believe this was a "standard" room!!):

Ours had this wonderful wrap around balcony, with views of the ocean and the pitons (volcanic mountain tops):

Add fancy and delicious meals. . .beautifully presented (DH absolutely REFUSED to let me take photos of my food). . . plus great diving. . . .and it was wonderful week!   And yes, I did stitch some. . . on the balcony and on the plane. . . photos to come soon.


  1. Hi there - I just found out that you have a blog from The Inspired Stitcher's blog (or as I call her, L-bug)! I am looking forward to go back and check out all your posts. I am not sure if you remember me, but you and I are members of the same Guild. It is always fun to find people you know in blog-land, I think.
    If you get a chance, please feel free to swing by my blog and say hello:

  2. Lovely! This is where the hubby and I stayed on our honeymoon. =)