Friday, December 9, 2011

Countdown to Christmas - Santa 1

If I had to choose what type of stitching project was my favorite, I'd probably answer "Christmas stitching. . . especially Santas."  And with SO many fun patterns and a seemingly often open invitation to go totally and enjoyably overboard with fibers and stitches, is it any wonder?.  .

I had hoped to do a series of posts. . . a Santa a day throughout December, but found I didn't have that many.  But I still will be posting photos of a series different versions of that jolly old elf between now and Christmas.

To start off, here is a photo of one of my three "big Santas". . .standing about 2 feet high, stitched mostly in cross stitch on 7 count fabric.  I stitched this back in 1997 as I was getting back into stitching regularly after a pretty long absence.

Pattern: Cinnamon Stick Christmas XII
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  1. 2 feet high? Wow! That's dedication!

  2. It sounds much more impressive than it is. The ground fabric is a klostern (kind of like Aida) that runs 7 threads per inch. . . so the 2 feet isn't too overwhelming at all . . . now thinking of doing 2 feet at 40 to 55 threads per inch. . .that's another story!