Monday, March 26, 2012

A Crewel-Work Weekend

Sometimes it's fun to stitch something in which you can see daily progress!   I was reminded of this this weekend when I started work on a small crewel project that our EGA chapter is doing over the next two months.  I'm helping check out the instructions by getting a head start on the stitching.

Here's my 3 days of progress this far:

Day 1....a pretty red flower and quite a few stems (I always forget how much of any floral design is leaves and stems!)  The red is done in buttonhole stitch, the leaves in fishbone, and the stems in whipped chain or outline stitch.

Day 2 adds lots more stems and leaves, some tiny yellow flowers and the start of a lovely purple bloom!

Day 3 doesn't look too productive does it?  But of course you can't see the "reverse stitching" (or frogging) where I just wasn't happy with the results and tore out and restitched.  More reverse stitching yet to come, since I think I've decided to remove the blue flower section.  I'm happy enough with the stitching, but have decided to make a color change.

What's left to do?  A fair number of leaves.. . although most of the stems are complete.  Redo the blue flower.  Then to finish up, there are about a half dozen little buds made of little segments of detached buttonhole.  With luck, the stitching should be easily done this week!  Compared to some of the really time consuming pieces I've been working on lately, that seems like almost warp speed. 


  1. Looking lovely! And reversible! Looking forward to seeing the back - never seen a reversible crewel before that I remember.
    LOL - there are "all the stems more or less first" and "all the stems last" people, I think.

  2. Ah ER, your faith in me is touching. . .but no, the stitching isn't reversible. In this context, "reverse stitching" is tearing out what you just stitched (here in the U.S. we often call if frogging. . .get it. . ."rip it, rip it. . "). I bet you know the "reverse stitch" too! LOL