Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A rut? A ditch? Maybe a chasm. . . ?

OK, OK. . . I have not posted in so very long.   A friend has opined that my "rut" has long since become a ditch. . . but perhaps it's worse than that.  A trench?  A chasm?  A canyon?

Well, I'm making an effort here.  Let's see if it takes this time.

One reason I have not posted is that I have not stitched much.  Don't know why.

But I have not been totally idle.  Here is a (not so wonderful) picture of a little jacket I crocheted last summer for a friend's first grand child.

It's called a hexagon sweater, and you can find the free directions on-line here:

Its made of two identical hexagon shapes, which are folded over and joined at the back into a jacket shape.  I LOVE the pale blue yarn (for a little boy, naturally), and I was super tickled when I found the blue buttons that just set it off perfectly.