Friday, July 7, 2017

Do the Funky Chicken

Yup!  I'm on a roll.  So onwards . . .

I decided to tackle the two little funky birds that the instructions says are chickens.  OK, I guess that's likely since it's a pastoral scene, but they sure don't look like any chickens I've ever seen.   And they're tricky since they're really quite small.

I started by doing the feet, legs, and beaks in stem stitch as specified in the instructions.  Then I backstitched an outline around the entire shapes.  The instructions do not specify doing outlines of many of these detached button hole stitched shapes, but I think it's really hard to get started on the detached buttonhole without an outline, and I think it results in a cleaner overall look.

Both birds are filled with simple detached buttonhole, but the heads are worked in gold over a gold return thread, while the bodies and tails are dark brown silk over the gold return.

Like many of these shapes, working them requires a well thought out strategy.  In this case, I worked with three needles.  With needle 1, I laid a line of gold return thread.  With gold thread in needle 2, starting on the left hand side, I worked enough stitches to cover the head area.  Then I carefully brought up needle 3 with dark brown thread (then sunk needle 2 to the back), and worked the remainder of the row. . . then repeated the process for the rest of the shapes.

I'm pretty happy with the results. . . but am wondering whether they need eyes or not ???

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