Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unpacking from virtual time travel

Although I love to stitch, I probably spend more time reading!  And although I really don't use my graduate expertise in medieval literature much in my job, it lives on in my interest in history, which is reflected both in my interest in historical styles of stitching and in my choice of reading material.

A recent finish I really loved is this book by Ian Mortimer.  I simply LOVE the concept of a book catering to the medieval time traveler.  Although this is non-fiction, Mortimer concentrates on all those daily details I always wonder about.  What were folks' houses really like?  What did they eat?  However did they manage without toilet paper?  What were their clothes like? ....and the list goes on.

This was fun and readable book that I would recommend to anyone with a passing interest in the middle ages.  Until time travel becomes available, it's probably the next best thing.

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