Friday, December 17, 2010

I Have Completion Issues - Holiday Edition

May I introduce for your consideration a condition afflicting some stitchers:  Completion Issues Syndrome or CIS.  This serious ailment was identified several years ago by my husband, who turned to me and commented, "you have serious completion issues."  And alas, it is true.  I only plead the addiction card. . .I am NOT in control of my inability to complete things expeditiously.

Consider the following projects that I found when yet again reorganizing my stash of WIPs and UFOs.  For all of these, the lack of completion is very easy to explain.  I love stitching, but hate finishing.  The sad thing is, it wouldn't take THAT long to get these wrapped up. . . .but. . . .well, fellow CIS sufferers will understand.

First on the walk of shame - this really fun Genny Morrow tree, finished as a large stand up to go with my collection of needle pointed Santas (that are currently scattered about the house).

Yup. . .that is a year 2000 you see stitched in the lower corner, and worse still, look how little still has to be done (below).  I am at a loss as to why this one isn't done. . . issues with stuffing perhaps.  This one goes into the "dog gone it do it now" pile.

Next up, this fabulous Joan Thomasson Santa.  I cleverly did NOT stitch a date on him, but can confess he's been waiting a while.  I do know the issues here - I always have problems with stuffing these stand ups (it's harder than it looks to get a nice firm shape with fairly smooth exterior lines), plus on this one I still need to measure, cut, and cover the base piece. . . which is also tricky.  Will Santa get done this year?  Probably not before Christmas, but he goes on my New Year's resolutions for sure.  I REALLY REALLY love the design and want him out and enjoying the season next year.

I also found this little Pam Pabst Christmas angel.  I think her issue concerns what cording to use.  I think perhaps that cording made from white perle cotton might work best here, so if I can get help from my hubby in making cording, maybe I can finish her off this year.

Finally, I found these 3 Santa ornaments.  I did these years ago for an ANG (American Needlepoint Guild) program on making beards.  They are really fun, and I love how they turned out. . .and as you can see I have about half the finishing done.  Issues here. . . deciding on (making?) the right cording, trimming the backings to fit (HATE doing that), and assembling the whole things.  I make no promises on these.


  1. Wonderful work! Particularly striking stitches for Santa's underskirt. How did you make Santa's beard at the bottom here btw?

    I'm making an Angel - Celtic and androgynous.

  2. The medium blue background Santa's beard is a faux bullion. It's perle cotton (don't remember the size - either 5 or 3), with one little strand kept taut then the rest scrunched up, then the whole thing couched down. In theory REALLY REALLY easy, but actually rather tricky to get the long pieces of faux bullion. Green background Santa's beard is REAL bullion stitches (in a thin wool - Appleton or Medici), and the light blue background Santa's beard is French knots on a stalk with a faux fur type thread (Santa's Beard thread perhaps).

    Your angel sounds fascinating. Look forward to photos.

  3. I think that's the point of Christmas/New Year - a time to stop, look back and then look forward.

    Who doesn't have UFOs?/

    Thanks for the comments on my blog :-)

  4. Ohhhh you have so little to do on the standup tree!!! Perhaps you have it finished by now??? My Mother is the queen of unfinished things....they are EVERYWHERE. I have always made myself a rule, that I cannot start another 'project' without finishing what I am currently working on, it would drive me insane to have little bits here and there, I think I am actually a bit OCD about it. You should have a special place for all your unfinished things, so if you have a bit of time, and dont feel like working on something big, you can go to your unfinished bin, and instead of looking at them and trying to decide what to work on, make it FUN, and just jet your arm in and grab something without looking! You can also tell your husband that you get a reward whenever you finish going out to lunch, or new threads! Give yourself something else to work for, besides the obvious prize of your completed stitching :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!
    xoxo rachael

  5. Oh Rachel, I would obviously benefit so from hanging out with you! Alas, most of my fellow guild members are as bad or worse than I am. (Perhaps CIS is contagious. ) I am stitching like mad on some Christmas gifts -- picture coming eventually -- so haven't even tackled the stand up tree. Perhaps your post will guilt me into it!