Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's almost time to exit the whirlwind holiday season and get back to real life.  I'm trying to decide whether to even try to make any stitching-related resolutions.  Past attempts have failed spectacularly.

But before worrying about all that, I'm enjoying the afterglow of the Christmas holiday.  As our gift to each other, my DH and I spent two days in Colonial Williamsburg after Christmas.  This is one of my favorite places to visit, and we both remembered a Christmas-time trip years and years ago. 

While we were at my Mom's outside Washington, DC the BIG post-Christmas snow storm hit the east coast.  While the Washington area got almost no snow, Williamsburg was hit pretty hard, so we were able to enjoy a very Christmasy looking. . . if icy couple of days.

Since we've been to Williamsburg many times, we mostly indulged in special holiday programs and tours, including a VERY cold ghost tour, a fancy dinner in one of the colonial inns, and a candle-lit concert at the Governor's Palace. 

I have no photos of those, but do have some from our tour of the Christmas decorations.  Each year Williamsburg holds a decorating contest, with the requirement that all decorations be made with materials that existed in the 18th century.  Here's a typical example followed by the wreath outside the milliner's shop, which includes a lot of fruit shapes created out of fabric!  All great fun!

So as the new year settles in, I wish you all a happy and productive year!

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