Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter Time and the Living Is Easy

It's about to snow again. . . . a real picture of a gloomy mid-West winter day. . .and BOY is it hard to get anything organized or properly finished.  So no, I have no interesting stitching to show you. . . although I assure you, I have EXCELLENT intentions.

Others in the household have excellent intentions too. . .focused on much more easily attainable goals:  RELAXATION!

Consider my two beautiful Siamese, Oscar and Fiona.  Here they are on their favorite radiator in the bedroom.  Not only do they lounge on radiators through the deep winter months, they seek to maximize the experience by letting as much of their bodies as possible hang over the edge, where it's even warmer.

Meanwhile, in the study, here's the baby of the group, Glinda, sacked out on her radiator.  No worries here.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the house (nope, no photo here), I am struggling to get together my stitching for the coming months.  Recently Spinster Stitcher (who despite her protestations seems to be really organized, and seems to have almost FINISHED a lovely stitched piece this January), posted about how she chose a selection of projects and grouped them together for easy access.  My plan is to do the same. . . soon. . . very soon.  In the meantime, perhaps there's some extra room on the radiator.

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  1. What gorgeous puss-cats!
    I have my two, Tommy and Jasper - but they are just 'moggies' - mixed breed shorthair. I love them very much tho! They use me as a heater in winter, since I have a small one with bumpy ridges (an oil heater) that they can't lie on. Yours are very lucky!