Friday, October 29, 2010

Wishing You a Stitchy Witchy Halloween

In honor of Halloween here are some photos of some holiday stitching.  These are all done in needlepoint. . . and truly indulge in all sorts of fun fibers.

First, a truly frightful witch  - front and back -. . . . stitched then folded origami style to create the head and hat.  Don't you LOVE the purple skin and sickly green hair?

My trio of beautiful potted witches:

And two not at all frightful Halloween angels:

Aren't they fun?  My Halloween resolution this year is to finish several other Halloween projects in time for NEXT year!


  1. However did you fold the witch face to get that shape?? It's so fun.

  2. I don't remember the exact procedure. . . it was an origami kind of technique and was explained step by step in the project directions. The whole project is from Needlepoint Now magazine. . . not sure which volume. It was a really fun project!